The Musical History of Seattle's Central Area

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Generations "The Musical History of Seattle's Central Area"

The Central Area Documentary Project in association with GPI Television Group presents: “Generations: The Musical History of Seattle’s Central Area” a documentary about the first 100 years of the musical history of Seattle’s Central Area from 1900 – 2000. Executive producers of the documentary are Robert F. Gant and William Espy.

The story will be told in seven episodes:

Episode One:
In The Beginning: 1900 -1940
Episode Two:
The Swing/Jazz Era: 1940 – 1950
Episode Three:
Jazz/Rock-n-Roll Era: 1950 – 1960
Episode Four:
Rock-n-Roll/Soul Era: 1960 – 1970
Episode Five:
Soul/Funk Era: 1970 – 1980
Episode Six:
Funk/Hip-Hop Era: 1980 – 1990
Episode Seven:
Hip-Hop Era: 2000’s
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Generations: Musical History of Seatte’s Central Area

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